3PM™: Pollution Prevention and Profit from Manure Process

    Produces humic rich liquid fertilizer
    Eliminates odor, pathogens and viruses from manures
    Modular design, applicable for small to large scale operations
    Converts Problem into economic opportunity

    3PM™ is an “outside the box”, innovative process that simultaneously de-odorizes, and macerates particulates, and completely converts animal wastes (e.g., chicken manure) into humic rich fertilizer. The use of coal derived a-HAX humic acid in this Process is the unique innovation that sets 3PM™ apart from any other process that also uses anaerobic digestion to produce a fertilizer from animal wastes. Preliminary economic analysis even for a small 2 ton per day processing plant, shows the process to be economical due to effective, high value humic acid fertilizer. A generalized flow scheme of the 3PM™ process is as follows:3PM

3PM™ Downloads: Brochure | Presentation