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ARCTECH, Inc. is a diverse American Corporation which provides cost-effective solutions for the agriculture, energy, and environmental market sectors. Founded as a spin-off company from the Atlantic Research Corporation's Environmental Science and Technology division, the ARCTECH group through 25 years of experience in energy, energetics, environment and agriculture, has created unified solutions in these interrelated market sectors. The entrepreneurial scientists and engineers at ARCTECH have pioneered the use of our vast resources of coal for economical clean energy, clean water and environment, safer foods, recycle military and industrial wastes, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

ARCTECH maintains a state-of-the-art research center at its corporate headquarters located in Chantilly, Virginia in the vicinity of Washington, D.C. This center is dedicated to advancement of applied research as well as investigate solutions for the clients specific needs. In addition, mobile test units are available for application at the client sites. ARCTECH's technologies are protected under various patents.

ARCTECH's manufacturing plant, which is located in South Boston, Virginia, produces a variety of products for both domestic and overseas clients. Overseas collaboration of ARCTECH, now include the Gulf countries, Egypt, Lebanon, South Korea, Turkey, India, China, and Brazil.

Outside the box solutions truly embody the ARCTECH corporate theme of "Preserving Tomorrows World Today."