In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.

- Albert Einstein


Net Zero Carbon Fuels


Improve Soil Health And Crop Yields


Remediate, Prevent Pollution & Carbon Emissions

Featured on Emerald Planet TV Broadcast from Washington DC

The USEPA Director of Air Pollution Control Division states

“lowers the environmental footprint of coal use in a creative and value generation approach while lowering carbon emissions”.

A former Senator Vance Hartke, from the coal fields in Indiana had characterized our coal biotechnology business model akin to genius of John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Edison approach of fostering new ideas into practically applied and cost competitive innovation of possibilities.

ARCTECH team has reimagined coals and products made from these are mitigating today’s pollution and carbon emissions from its use and also from other fossil fuels with economic value-added solutions. Our game-changer multi-solutions will avert already increasing adverse impacts due to climate changes while providing for the must-have needs of humans, our planet, and ecological balance. A bold vision for opportunities while addressing the global crisis due to increasing pollution and climate changes resulting from increasing global warming due to excessive carbon emissions.

Developed over 30 years based on realizing scientifically coals are biomass not fossil fuel, a misnomer even for oil, shale, and gas. A fossil in scientific terms is the remains of plant and living forms, whose tissues have been replaced by mineral matter without much carbon and are rendered noncombustible. So, coals are ancient plant biomass. Gas is always associated with coal, oil, and shale, produced by microbes. Even microbes produce gas in humans and animals. We used wood-eating termites to feed on coals. From their guts, we isolated the unique microbes, which have now been adapted to digest coals to produce gas without having to burn the coal. Gas is converted with proven technologies to aviation fuel or other products. Residue from the digestor is bioprocessed and converted into organic humic products. No wastes are produced. So, our coal biotechnology emulates nature. The humic matter being plants originated in coals is the same as we know humus or soil organic matter. It makes soils fertile and so far, we know is unique to our planet and contributes to its viability. Soils are the fourth largest storehouse of carbon as humic substances. First are sedimentary rocks, second coal, oil, gas, and third oceans. Fifth is air. We are not only increasing carbon in the air but stripping our soils of organic humic matter. Today, depleting organic humic carbon in soils is equally at peril as increasing carbon in our air. Thus, our approach to the use of humic products derived from coals offers a path forward to replenish the humic matter in soils while mitigating carbon emissions, producing economic value, and maintaining the viability of our planet.

We have also established the feasibility of injecting the microbes in deep unmineable coal seams to produce gas for converting to aviation fuel. USGS states 9.5 trillion tons are in US Coalfields. DOE EIA reports that make up 90.7 % of all fossil fuels worldwide. Presently, we are making at our prototype coal biorefinery in Virginia multiple organic humic products for agriculture use to increase soil fertility and crop yields, reclaim lands, water clean-up, waste treatment, and recycling. Even for capturing CO2 and safe destruction of military obsolete munitions and nuclear waste disposal. Approved agriculture uses by USDA, USEPA, and several States in the USA and in China, India Egypt, etc. Proving out planting trees for faster growth and increased survivability even in arid conditions. IHS Markit Crop Science Forum 2021 Award Winner for improving efficiency, and delivery of chemical fertilizers while enabling farmers to increase crop yields, quality, soil health-fertility, sequester carbon and mitigate increasing ecological concerns.

Our integrated approach of making energy and non-energy products allows for producing 20-40X more profitable revenues from a ton of coal than the current approaches of its use. It follows Rockefeller’s business model he fostered for higher sulfur oil discovered in Ohio to make kerosene and asphalt. Oil companies continue to capitalize on this model with the use of technologies to make myriad of energy and non-energy products even during wide fluctuating oil prices. Even today 70% of oil costs less than $10 per barrel. A myriad of coal technologies developed since the 1973 oil embargo has been unable to compete with when oil prices came down with artificially set production quotas. Our technology approach offers to overcome this barrier. Oil and gas continue to be geopolitical challenges as some have it some do not. Whereas coal is available on all continents and harnessing it with our technology can become an equalizer and geopolitical stability.

Seeking collaborations for the deployment of solutions for your needs. Click on the links to the right for our coal-derived products and proven applications for meeting your specific need. Contact us for customization of solutions for your unique needs.

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Technology & Products

MicGAS™: an overall encompassing technology for the production of clean energy from coal, while reducing the buildup of greenhouse carbon dioxide emissions
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Actosol India
Actosol Egypt
Actosol USA

NutrientENHANCER, a one step coating granular fertilizers and seeds to improve their efficiency and delivery.

ActoCLENSE™, a multipurpose industrial cleaner for poultry farms for mitigation of ammonia and pathogens.
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ActoNUTRITION™, a Water Soluble, Chelated Nutrients, Carbs, Protein for Efficient Healthy Feed for Poultry and Cattle.

3PM™ Process: a pollution prevention and profit from manure process.
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HUMASORB®: a multipurpose contaminant adsorber, for cleanup of contaminated water.
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Actodemil®: the solution to munitions disposal
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